Essential Modelling Materials

At Alec Tiranti, we have everything you need for modelling work, whether you’re working with clay, wax, or other materials. As well as the basic wet clay used for modelling, we have a range of other essentials such as non-drying clays, oil-based clays, modelling wax, casting wax, and polymer-based clays. Read on to find out more about our different categories within our modelling materials range.

Basic Clay Modelling Materials

Our basic range of modelling clays are available in both grey and terracotta, depending on your desired aesthetic. As basic stoneware clay, this type of clay is ideal for pottery with incredible modelling properties. This prepared clay is supplied in polythene bags, ready to use immediately. Claydium offers a nylon reinforced, self-hardening clay, resulting in a very hard finish. When using this kind of clay, you can soften it easily using water, and it can also be fired at 1080°C. Our Newclay range offers a wide array of off white nylon-reinforced clays, which are also self-hardening and works very much in the same way as ordinary clay, but best suited for small models and decorative pottery. Additionally, we have an extensive range of ceramic clays for throwing, hand building and slab work and available in a mix of colours and textures.


We have a vast amount of waxes available, for a multitude of purposes. Paraffin wax can be used for candle making, but also can help to modify other waxes. Also suitable for candle making, microcrystalline wax is great for uses in polishes, modelling, and blending with other waxes due to its fluidity when melted. Red Modelling wax is traditional recipe of beeswax and rosin, a softer and versatile modern formulation is type ‘B’ wax, used for casting, hand modelling and supplied in two colours. Although our green casting wax is specifically designed for its named purpose, withstanding handling when cold, and burning out cleanly, it is also suitable for carving and modelling. To create a glass aesthetic, whether for theatrical glass or special effects, we offer a specially formulated glass wax. There are many other options, including white and terracotta wax, which does not become sticky and has an advantage over clay due to its ability not to dry out. Additional products include wax modifiers like amber rosin, and wax pigments, you can explore more on our website.

Oil-based Clays

For oil-based clays, we offer Chavant NSP (non-sulphurated plasteline) as it is one of the highest quality non-drying modelling clays. It is available in a variety of grades and colours. Similarly, we stock Le Beau Touché, which has wax added to enhance its modelling characteristics. Lastly, Clayette™ is a softer and less sticky alternative to this range which is currently stocked in soft and medium grades.

Polymer Clays

In terms of polymer clays, we stock Super Sculpey™ and Super Sculpey Firm™ a fine textured clay which bakes at normal domestic oven temperatures, it is suitable for seasoned professionals and film studios, as well as hobbyists. Along with this clay, we have a translucent liquid clay which can be used as an adhesive, mixed with pigments and used as a glaze, or when mixed directly be used to soften these polymer clays.


To explore our range of modelling materials and to discover more, visit our contact page to get in touch, or email us at You can also speak to us directly during office hours from Monday to Saturday by calling us on +44 (0)845 123 2100. One of our team members will gladly assist you.

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