What Are the Essential Stone Carving Materials?

Stonemason Tools

There’s only so much you can learn about stone carving if you aren’t using the right stonemason tools for the job.

If you’re just starting out at stone carving, it’s important that you are well supplied with the right tools that will teach you to master the craft in the correct way. Similarly, if you are already well practised in stone carving, it’s important that you stay stocked up on the right tools that will help you to develop your skills. Using the incorrect stone carving tools or stone carving kit, may impair the results of your stone carving without you even realising.

Here, we have provided a quick guide to the stone carving supplies that are essential to mastering the craft of stone masonry.

The Essentials

Stone carving chisels

Possibly your most vital tool, stone carving chisels come in all different kinds and styles to help you accomplish the style of stonemasonry that you are aiming for. There are several chisels that you may need for your work, including the point chisel, the tooth chisel, the flat straight chisel and a lettering chisel. Each of these chisels are available in a variety of sizes and weights, so you can find the perfect tool for your work.

Fine claw chisel

Also known as the tooth chisel, this piece of equipment is for use alongside of your point chisel. The fine claw chisel is usually hit with a metal hammer and used to clear away any rough marks made by the point chisel, to create a smoother surface in preparation for work with the flat chisel.

Lettering chisel

The lettering chisel is the tool required for making small, controlled strokes into stone. The precision and specific taper of the lettering chisel allows it to make clean and accurate details of letters onto a stone surface.


The chisels you are working with may need to be struck with a mallet or hammer. As well as hammers suitable for stone masonry work, you also have the option of using a pneumatic hammer (a pneumatically driven forging hammer) which is designed for use with specific kinds of chisels.

Rubbing block

A rubbing block is the ideal hand polishing tool that will allow you to achieve smooth curves and clean lines after carving into your stone. Rubbing blocks are available in a range of different coarseness to work with different types of stone.

Safety equipment

It is important to ensure that you keep yourself protected whilst practising stone carving work. A dust mask, protective goggles and gloves are recommended for keeping both your face and hands protected whilst working.

Diamond whetstone or tool guard

As well as owning the right equipment for practising stone masonry, it is also important that you have the means to sharpen and keep your equipment in good condition. The Tiranti Tool Guard is a vapour phase inhibitor effective for protecting tools, even whilst stored in drawers and tool boxes, from corrosion. A Diamond whetstone is the ideal material for the final sharpening of stone carving tools, to keep them performing at their best.

Choosing the Right Material of Equipment

Carbon stone carving tools

The carving equipment highlighted above is available in a selection of different materials as these different materials are best suited for making equipment that works best with different types of stone. Carbon stone carving tools are the stone masonry tools that work best when used for carving soft to medium stone such as alabaster stone and soapstone.

Tungsten Tipped Tools

You won’t get very far when working with hard stone if you don’t have the right kind of equipment for it. The tungsten tipped tools are specially designed for working with harder, more abrasive kinds of stone such as limestone and granite.

Buy Stone Carving Tools, UK

Here at Tiranti, we aim to provide a wide selection of tools for our customers to cater for different stone masonry projects and styles of work.

You can browse our collection of stone carving materials and stone carving kits on our website.  For more information about our products, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we shall more than happy to offer advice and help source the right equipment for your stone carving project.

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