Finding the Right Mallet or Hammer for You

Whether you’re a woodcarver or a stonemason, our range of mallets and hammers is sure to suit your purpose or application. Each offers distinctive design qualities appropriate for the type of work being done. We have six different categories for you to choose from at Alec Tiranti, where we supply our goods across the globe, and have had over a century of experience in the industry.

Beech Mallets

Our beech mallets are kiln-dried and hot laminated, with a handle that is turned as a complete part of the body. As a wooden mallet, it is ideal for use in carpentry when knocking pieces of wood together, as well as driving dowels or chisels. It has an advantage in this application over metal hammers as it won’t deform the material through use. There are five different sizes available, including 3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, 4.5 inches, and 5 inches, varying in weight proportionately from 225-275g at the smaller end, and 815-840g at the larger end.

HDP Carvers’ Mallets

The HDP carvers’ mallet comes in a bright yellow high density polyethylene (HDP). The way this mallet is fabricated means that they are virtually indestructible, and able to withstand the most extreme conditions and handle the toughest materials. They are great for use with Mallet head stonecarving tools, are turned from a single piece of HPD and offer a really good balance. This mallet measures at 3.5 inches, and weighs 520g.

Nylon Mallets

Our nylon mallets are a great heavy duty option, as they are very hardwearing, featuring a wooden handle in addition to the nylon material. They come in three sizes, with the smallest being 4 inches, going up in increments of one inch. The smallest size weighs approximately 650g, with the largest weighing 1.4kg, and the mid-sized option weighing 1kg. In Addition to monumental masonry these mallets can be great for applications using leather or jewellery in particular.

Dummy Mallets

In our dummy mallet range, we have the option of either Scopas or Italian dummy mallets. For safety precautions, the head is made from a malleable iron and feature an ash wooden handle. They are each available in small, medium, or large, weighing approximately between 0.5kg and 1.25kg, depending on the model. Dummy mallets are ideal for detailed stonecarving, especially for use when carving letters.

Lump Hammers

We stock the Scopas Lump Hammer, which is also known as a small sledgehammer, and is great for, use with a steel chisels when cutting stone or metal, driving masonry nails and general construction duties. It has also been a favourite for many generations of sculptors. The ash handle guarantee a good grip, with a slight spring. The malleable iron material also provide excellent balance and durability. They are available at a weight of 1lb, 1.5lb, and 2lb.

Bush Hammers

Lastly, our Bush hammers , or Bouchard Hammers are available in two sizes (20mm and 40mm) with replaceable inserts in two grades, of 25 or 36 teeth. The smaller inserts are held by a taper, and the larger are held by an expanding spigot by knocking in a tapered pin. This type of hammer is used to level and add texture to stone and concrete surfaces, they can also help to increase bonding effectiveness in relevant applications.


Only the tip of the iceberg of our mallet and hammer products, for more detailed information, visit our contact page to get in touch, or email us at You can also call us directly during office hours from Monday to Saturday on +44 (0)845 123 2100. One of our team members will be happy to help you.

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