Five Highly Useful Clay Modelling Tools

Are you looking to invest in modelling tools but aren’t sure which ones you need? The secret to success in clay modelling starts with having the right tools. The right tools will bring you the level of control and precision that you need to create the effect you want when working with clay.

Here are five essential clay modelling tools that you shouldn’t start a project without:

Knife tool

Your clay knife is arguably your most important tool when working with clay. This is the tool you will be using to cut your clay and to make marks on the surface of your project. Clay knives are available in a range of different materials from hardwood knives for students and experienced clay makers to plastic knives designed for beginners.

Clay shapers

Clay shaper tools have many uses for achieving effective results with clay. Clay shapers can be used for everything including to create textures and marks, to apply glue to papier-mâché and collage and for smooth throwing and scoring marks. As well as for working with clay, clay shapers are also suitable for working with warm wax and other modelling materials and for applying wax resist to pottery.

Rubber kidney

Made from pliable rubber, rubber kidneys are finishing rubbers that are primarily used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pieces of clay. They can also be used for applying transfers in a project and for pressing clay into moulds. Basically, this a highly diverse tool that can be adapted to your needs whilst working with clay.

Finger tool

The finger tool is what you need for making specific details on your projects. For creating realistic features on your design such as fingers, toes, hair and nails, the finger tool is your best friend. Made from glass-infused plastic to optimise the weight, sharpness and rigidity of the tool, this will give you utmost control when working with clay.

Clay extruders

An extruder is a tool that, by passing clay through a tube, forms coils that can be used as handles on jugs, cups and teapots. Clay extruders work by using dies (metal disks with shapes cut into them to create different shapes coils) and are sold as either hand held or compact devices.

Searching for modelling tools in the UK?

At Alec Tiranti, we supply a wide range of modelling equipment including all the tools mentioned above. As well as clay modelling tools, we also supply a range of wax modelling tools, dental tools, wire modelling tools and a broad selection of plaster spatulas.

If you would like any more information or guidance about purchasing clay modelling tools, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we shall be more than happy to help in any way we can.

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