What Are the Main Types of Restoration and Finishing Equipment?

Restoration and finishing equipment is a vital resource in the sculptor’s everyday kit. These tools are ideal for sculpting and painting when it comes to restoring an older piece or when you’re adding the finishing touches to a new creation. That’s why, here at Alec Tiranti, we are very proud to offer our customers an enormous variety of restoration and finishing equipment.

There are several types of restoration and finishing equipment that you can put to use on your latest piece of handiwork. But what are these types of equipment? Here are just five of the types of restoration and finishing equipment available to help you give your work a great finish:

Craft Knives

Craft knives are an essential part of any artist or craftsmen’s toolkit. Their thin blades make them adept for work with a wide range of different materials, such as cutting intricate shapes and patterns into paper, card or plastic, scraping excess paint from a piece and performing finishing touches to carvings and clay or wax sculptures. It’s easy to see then why they are such a versatile piece of restoration and finishing equipment! Here at Alec Tiranti, we stock craft knives in two forms: Swann-Morton surgical knives and retractable Stanley knives.

Finishing Brushes

Whether you’re looking to cover an entire sculpture or touch up missing spots to your paint job, there’s no doubt that finishing brushes will be able to do the trick. Finishing brushes come in a variety of forms: you could use general purpose mops for quick coverage of larger surface areas or the gentle smoothing of gold leaf, while foam brushes are great for streak-free finishes when using lacquers and oils. Other options include stencil brushes and Pro Arte’s full range of Masterstroke round, flat and angled shader brushes

Paints and Pigments

Of course, finishing brushes are only so useful if you don’t have the paints to go alongside them! For those looking to go back to basics, it might be worth looking at water-based acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are available in an enormous range of colours and are suitable for general craft use and decorative painting on almost any material. Those looking for an earthier colour should take a look at earth pigments, supplied as a raw powder pigment ready to mix with acrylic or oil paint mediums and equally at home being added into plaster or cement to add colour to castings.


Putting you latest creation together or restoring a valued object is often an art in itself, but this can be difficult without the right adhesive. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are a very common choice as these super-glues are fast-curing and can be adapted to suit most applications, Araldite two part epoxies can be employed when surfaces are difficult to glue or for artistic techniques such as Dalle De Verre. Solvent adhesives are also available for gluing plastics such as Plastic Magic.

Wax Finishes and Patination

If you’re working on or restoring a piece of brass or bronze, it’s definitely worth looking at treating your metal with a set of wax finishes and patinas. Here at Alec Tiranti, we are proud suppliers of the Sculpt Nouveau range, which includes a variety of metal patinas to age and colour metals along with oils and cleaners to give long term protection or renewed vigour.

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