Which Modelling Tool Should You Use for Your Latest Project?

Whether you’re a sculptor in the art world, a scale modeller or prosthetic artist, it’s important that you’re aware of the ideal modelling tools for your particular requirements. Many elements of modelling and sculpting are incredibly detailed and particular, meaning that you must opt for something that will allow you to create precise finishes.

Here at Alec Tiranti, we have been manufacturing and supplying modelling tools for over a century – with our company being founded way back in 1895 – meaning that we know a thing or two when it comes to best practices. Knowing this, we decided to dedicate this blog post to a quick run-down of the best modelling tools dependent upon what it is you may be working on right now:

Clay Modelling Tools

Given its malleable texture and easy-to-work composition, clay modelling tools are usually made from either wood or plastic, as the material doesn’t really require too much force when being manipulated.

Other equipment that is a staple for clay modelling can include steel or rubber kidneys, clay shapers, or tiny finger tools that allow for the utmost precision. It’s all dependent upon what project you’re working on!

Wire Modelling Tools

Widely used alongside traditional clay modelling tools, wire modelling tools are manufactured using both round or flat ribbon wire, they hollow and cut into clay easily and are made in a range of sizes and profiles.

When sculpting accuracy is required for fine detail you will want to choose smaller and more refined wire tools to make clean marks and cuts into the surface, for a looser style or larger scale and when hollowing out large broad wire tools will make light work.

Wax Modelling Tools

When working with wax, you’ll want to seek out stainless steel tools that will allow you to create precise detailing within your wax modelling creation, highly polished surfaces will shape and mark cleanly without leaving any contamination from the tools you’re working with (as may sometimes be found with wooden tools).

Another reason as to why stainless-steel wax modelling tools are preferred, is that they can be heated lightly over an alcohol burner (supplied here at Alec Tiranti), then used to manipulate the surface of your wax work, without damaging its structural integrity.

Usually supplied in sizes of around 15cm, these tools are easy to work with and can be purchased individually or in an expanding Tiranti Tool Box.

Dentistry Tools

When working in small scales or high detail, your tools must be of the highest quality and allow you to create only the most precise work. At Tiranti we know the dental tools that you choose for modelling have to be made with the same attention to detail as you will employ when using them, as such they are accurately shaped and finished to exact industry standards.

Supplied at 14.5cm a piece, with textured grip handles, working with dentistry tools from Alec Tiranti is a breeze and allows for precise but speedy work. Whether it’s a detailing around the eyes of your latest portrait, or fettling the finishing touches to a plaster life casting, we understand that it’s vital that you feel confident in the dentistry tools your handling.

Contact us today here at Alec Tiranti, where our team will be on hand to unite you with the ideal modelling tools for your particular requirements. Whether you’re a new sculptor looking to create a core collection for your new creative endeavour, or you’re looking to restock the dental tool cupboard, we’ve got the products waiting for you.

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