Ceramics and Pottery

After over 120 years in the business, you can trust Alec Tiranti to provide the very finest in sculptor’s tools and equipment.  This is the core of our business, and we take great pride in supplying our customers with the finest and latest products available.  Ceramic sculpting is a complex process with several stages, and each stage must be completed with care and diligence.

For pottery supplies, London artists know they can come to us, whether calling in at our shop in Kings Cross, or shopping online.  Only the highest quality pottery tools and ceramic glazes make it onto our shelves, and we send our pottery supplies UK wide and beyond.  From specialist pottery glazes to more general pottery equipment, and those all-important pottery tools UK professionals and amateurs alike can find all the pottery materials they need right here.

When it comes to pottery glazes UK artists know exactly what they want.  The finish is one of the first things prospective buyers notice about a piece, and each pottery glaze is carefully selected to match the style of the item.  Since glazes for pottery are made by specialist companies, it’s important to know where you can find quality products.  Pottery restoration specialists also need the finest glazes when returning antique pieces to their former glory.

Indeed, ceramic restoration is undergoing something of a revival, as modern artists are rediscovering the styles of yesteryear.  Finding the right kinds of ceramic glazes UK artisans would have used years ago can be quite a task, as can figuring out how to use vintage ceramic tools.  But when you find the right ceramic glaze it can endow a piece with an old-world charm which could not be achieved any other way.  Other materials and supplies are also available.