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Acrylic Sealer

Acrylic Sealer is a pure acrylic addition liquid for the AC100 compound only.

Min Price £18.00 - Max Price £43.00

Jesmonite AC100 Range

Jesmonite AC100 is a two part acrylic composite comprising of a base powder and a liquid hardener. Jesmonite AC100 is suitable for both decorative castings and glass reinforced laminates. Jesmonite AC100 can be pigmented with water based colour pigments, plus it is also possible to add a range of metal and stone filler powders to achieve a range of effects and finishes. AC100 can be used for outdoor applications usingĀ  Acrylic Sealer. Mix Ratio: 2.5 parts powder to 1 part liquid

Min Price £17.50 - Max Price £190.00

Jesmonite AC300 Range

Jesmonite AC300 is an economic alternative to Jesmonite AC100 where external durability is not essential and is therefore only suitable for indoor applications. Like Jesmonite AC100 the product is a two part compound and mixes in a similar way with colour pigments and filler products.

Min Price £76.00 - Max Price £144.90

Jesmonite High Shear Mixing Blades

Jesmonite High Shear Mixing Blades Specially developed stainless steel developed for mixing Jesmonite AC100 and Jesmonite AC300 compounds without adding air bubbles and ensures the mix is smooth and free from lumps. We offer two sizes 65 and 105 mm diameter and both will attach to a standard 10 mm battery drill chuck.

Min Price £9.00 - Max Price £32.00
Jesmonite Products

Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass Reinforcement

Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass reinforcement was developed by Jesmonite for use with their resins.

Min Price £9.00 - Max Price £48.00


Jesmonite Retarder slows the setting process on the Jesmonite AC100 and 300 product.

£18.00 (exc vat)


Thixotrope is an addition liquid to thicken both the AC100 and AC300 compounds

Min Price £14.81 - Max Price £58.00