Mallets and Hammers

There are many varieties of mallet and hammer with each one boasting unique design qualities that make it suitable for a particular area of work. Here at Alec Tiranti, it is our mission to provide you with the ideal carving mallet and stone hammers for your application.

Our selection of carving mallets makes a great choice for the woodcarver or the stonemason. We can provide you with a beech or hardwood carving mallet in a range of sizes and weights, with the reduced force of the wooden carving mallet offering the user greater control than a metal alternative. Alternatively, you might consider a HDP or a nylon stonemasons’ mallet. These carving mallets are very hard-wearing and durable, capable of absorbing much of the shock when striking your tools.

Our iron lump hammers are an essential tool for the stone sculptor and can be interchanged with a dummy mallet where greater accuracy or control is required, such as when letter carving. All our hammers are made of malleable iron or steel allowing them to absorb shock from each blow and available in a weights ranging between 1 and 2lb to suit different types of work. Bouchard hammers are specific to stonecarving and with the use of interchangeable inserts can be used to level or produce texture on a stones surface. If you are simply looking to give new life to older stone hammers, why not take a look at our spare handles and wedges?

If you have any questions about our carving mallets or stone hammers, please don’t hesitate to contact us here today.