These pots are used extensively for melting larger quantities of Gelflex, waxes, glues etc. and work in the temperature range of 50ºC to 200ºC.

Pots up to DPS 20 have 2 thermostats, are single phase, 220-240 Volts, but can be converted to 100 Volts to order. Constructed from anodised aluminium with ceramic fibre insulation. Supplied with 2 metres of cable, fused plug, lifting handle, on/off switch, safety thermal cutout and pouring spout, and double wall lid. Stock items

Pots from DPS 40S are on a stand, have a heated (on a simmerstat) bottom discharge outlet tap, choice of 380/415 Volt 3 phase or 220/240 Volt single phase. Constructed from mild steel, heaters positioned so that the melter may be used to 1/3, 2/3 and full capacity without overheating the contents. Made to special order only

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