Very soft Translucent white, dimensionaly stable, two part addition cured silicone rubber with good mechanical resistance. suitable for a variety of applications where precision in reproduction is required. Recommended for casting Polyester/Polyurethane resins with improved surface reproduction when casting in clear resin. Compatitble with with all plasters, waxes, acrlyics, ciments etc.

Shore A hardness 13, pot life (@ 20ºC) of 45 minutes, cure time of 4 hours.

Supplied as a 1kg kit (A+B), Mixing ratio of 1 = 1 by weight.

Some of the known inhibitors of addition cure silicones: Wood Mastic, Epoxy Resin, Flexible compact PUR, Cyanoacrylate adhesives, Neoprene adhesive, Tranparent wood glue, Polyester resin, Shellac, Vinyl Adhesive, Silicone sealants, Condensation cure silicones, CAF (all types).

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