Metal Coating ‘B’

Metal Coatings are designed for indoor and outdoor use to simulate real metal because real metal powders are suspended in them. Copper Bronze and Iron coatings can be applied to most surfaces including dry/fired clay, plaster, cement, resin and other metals.

Patina can be applied when the coating is still wet or to dry/cured metal coating after lightly burnishing the surface with ‘0000’ wire wool.

Wet Application on Metal Coatings

Applying acid patinas while the Metal Coating is still wet provides a longer time for the patina to react, resulting in a stronger colour change. To create highlights the surfaec can be burnished once cured. Applying non-reactive patina like Dye-Oxide is best done wet to providing a better bond between the patina and Metal Coating.

Dry Application on Metal Coatings

For successful reaction of acid patina is it essential once cured to buff the surface of the Metal Coating. When applying a non-reactive patina like Dye-Oxide it is necessary to buff and gently heat the surface, this will help[ the patina adhere to the surface.

Allow 24hours for the metal coating to cure before sealing with a protective lacquer or wax finish.

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