Stone Carving

Stone carving is one of the oldest methods of depicting an image on a block of stone. This form of sculpture involves a careful process of reducing the stone, so you need the right tools to handle the different stages of the process. Here at Alec Tiranti, we are proud to provide keen craftsmen with an excellent range of stone carving supplies.

We supply a wide variety of stone carving tools to help you through the entire stone carving process. Starting with feathers and wedges you can easily split a larger block down to the desired dimensions of your stone before using our strong stone punches and points to roughly mark the piece out. You can then perform cutting to remove the bulk of the material and refine the shape of the stone using our excellent selection of claws and chisels. Once you’ve finished cutting, you can then smooth the piece with a rubbing block or add details using one of many different shaped rasps or rifflers prior to polishing.

We stock stone carving tools suitable for working with varying types of stone. Our carbon steel chisels are suitable for soft to medium stone, while our tungsten tipped tools are a better option when working with harder or more abrasive stones such as limestone and granite. Cutting letters into stone can be achieved using our dedicated range of lettering Chisels, designed and shaped for the particular intricacies of this process. Chisels may be struck with a mallet or hammer, which you can purchase directly from us, or specific chisels can be used in conjunction with a pneumatic hammer. To keep your chisels sharp and cutting efficiently we also provide traditional oil and diamond whetstones.

If you have any questions about any of our stone carving supplies or are looking for a particular tool that you can’t find on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Alec Tiranti today.