We are proud to supply to our customers Stubai’s range of woodcarving tools. These carving tools are hand-forged from special alloy steel which has been heat-treated, giving them extremely high edge-holding ability. All blades are then polished with the cutting edges hand-sharpened. The octagonal handles of Stubai tools also have an internal steel ferrule to prevent the handle from splitting. With these tools inspected for quality at every manufacturing stage, you can rest assured that Stubai’s tools are some of the highest quality woodcarving tools around.

The Stubai woodcarving chisels we supply are available in a range of different styles from straight, salmon bend to bent, backbent, and fishtail, allowing them to fit whatever application you require them for. We also supply a wider set of Stubai woodcarving supplies such as their woodcarving tool sets – available in sets of 6, 14 and 20 – along with sharpening equipment and holding devices.

Some of the new products we stock include Stubai’s range of chip knives. These woodcarving knives feature a range of traditional knife profiles for use in chip carving, whittling, and general workbench applications. If any of your Stubai tools break, we even stock replacement octagonal beech handles available in small, medium and large sizes.

Here at Alec Tiranti, we aim to provide an extensive range of woodcarving supplies and materials to help you in your work, and we are always looking to introduce new materials to complement our offering. If there is any Stubai product you are interested in but can’t find, please let us know.