Wood is a tactile and versatile modelling material. Carving into wood is a tradition that dates back to the very dawn of humankind. Many of the skills developed for woodcarving are transferable to other carving, engraving and modelling in other materials such as stone, clay, metals, waxes and plastics.

Alec Tiranti have been supplying specialist tools to sculptors, artisans and specialists for around 130 years. Our tools have been developed and selected for their quality and practicality, matching operators to tools as diverse as knives and chisels, to workbenches and vices.

Good tools are an important choice for any craftsperson and the way a tools fits into the hand greatly influences the finished piece. Choosing tools is a very personal issue in any craftsperson’s mind. The choice of tool, size, shape and weight are all key factors and can actually have as great an influence as the type of wood being carved.

From basic starter to comprehensive sets of tools for the experienced carver, Tiranti can also offer informed advice and assistance too. Chisels come in three basic types: straight, gouge and fishtail. However, we also offer combination tools, which give the carver properties of two or three tools in one.

Straight chisels are just that: a straight blade to cut a parallel cut across a cutting face. We also offer a Skew, which allows cutting into a corner or detail. Parting chisels are used for cutting through a piece, most typically on a lathe and allow a turned piece to be cut off neatly, these chisels are typically shaped with either a 60- or 75-degree vee.

Gouge chisels are for cutting deep into a shape typically for cutting shaped detail like flower petals or rosettes. These tools can also be used for turning work for making shaped cuts. Fishtail chisels are wider at the tip and then slim back towards the handle (hence the name). These chisels are ideal for shaping across a wider surface, the profile prevents the edges of the tip from “digging in” to the workpiece.

Cabinet makers, joiners, model makers, pattern makers, sculptors, all of them require different profiles, types of blade to produce a desired shape, contrast or effect, and Tiranti can provide all of these.