What Products are Available for Ceramicists and Potters?

At Alec Tiranti, we can help you get everything you need in pottery, from the first stages of shaping clay, all the way through to kiln firing and glazing. The tools of the trade for potters and ceramicists are often the same, but there are also particular pottery tools and equipment that we go over today. Read on to find out more about our extensive range of clays, tools, kilns, and glazes.

Clays and Materials

We stock an array of different colours and textures when it comes to clay, each offering an ideal surface for varying techniques such as throwing, hand building, and casting. The main types of clay are divided between earthenware and stoneware. These both vitrify and harden in the kiln, but have differing optimum temperatures for doing so. Our products are available in a range of different colours from various shades of whites and off-whites, to black, and terracotta, and with varying degrees of plasticity and strength. Additionally, we have a range of porcelains, and paper clays, for increased versatility. We also stock Ceram plaster, which is for use on tableware applications and for casting moulds for porcelain and pottery, offering an incredible wear resistance.

Pottery Tools and Equipment

Alec Tiranti can provide you with all you need for your pottery activities, from small to large. As standard, we stock rolling pins, wooden ribs, and coilers for shaping your clay. We also address your knife needs, whether blades, hole cutters, pallet knives, or needles. For those small details, we stock a range of turning tools, fettling tools, bamboo brushes, deep clean tools, spears, cutting bows, and many other stainless-steel tools. Additionally, we stock clay guns for use creating even extrusions of clay, wax, and other materials. To take away the hassle, we can kit you out with a pottery tool set, for all the essentials needed as a potter. For your larger pottery needs, we also have a range of potters’ wheels, pug-mills, extruders, spray booths and clay roller machines.


Our selection of kilns offers something for a variety of requirements. L&L L kilns are modular top-loading kilns and available from 40 up to 290 litres, the Fuego and Robin models are supplied ready to use with a standard UK plug. The premium EasyFire Kiln range is offered in 4 different sizes with options for both single and three phase electrical supply. Alternatively, we have a range of top loading or chamber kilns from the Nabertherm factory in Germany.  When using our kilns, the first firing, known as bisque, is for unglazed ceramic. Following on from that, the bisque is coated with glaze before a second firing. For more kiln related products, see our selection of accessories, included different props and stilts to support pottery, sieves, batts, cones and washes. 


For the finishing touches, you will usually want to glaze your pottery. At Alec Tiranti, we have a wide selection of colours and glaze types, which will add to the quality of your work and make it stand out as a professional product. If you don’t want a coloured glaze or body stain, you can opt for a clear one, or can even experiment with a reactive glaze, giving varied colour or texture in reaction to firing. Alternatively, you could play with some coloured glaze crystals to create a unique look. In addition to our glazes, we also have underglazes available in a rainbow of colours. These are made using a frit base rather than a slip (clay) base, and may be applied to greenware and bisque, with or without a glaze covering. There’s so much more fun to be found out with our array of glazing options.

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