Experimenting with Patinas.


Achieving different finishes with metals is always great fun to do – Sculpt Nouveau Patina products allow this to be done safely and simply.

Four little white metal castings fresh from their moulds.


Sprayed in Pewter Black PC9 for varied amounts of time.
This little white metal hedgehog was then polished and then sprayed with a Dye Oxide Green and then finished with Smart Coat. It has attractive shades of green across the lighter areas, these contrast down into the darker areas which havent been polished.
This little acorn was only in the Pewter Black for around 30 seconds, Dye Oxide Green was added for around 6 hours and then Dye Oxide Blue, the nose of the acorn was then polished and the finished piece coated with metal wax. Quite a different finish – more matt in appearance.


This acorn was in the Pewter Black for around 1 min. I polished te majority back on the nose of the acorn, then dipped the cup and stem in Japanese Brown for around 4 hours. The item was then re-polished and then finished with Renaissance Wax


Rather different this one – this time the hedgehog is cast from General Purpose resin with copper filler powder. The finished casting was then polished with fine wire wool and then sprayed with Tiffany Green verdigris effect. The finished hedgehog was then given a coat of Smart Coat.

Applying patina products is great fun and really effective – all of the above were done cold and at room temperature.

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