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We have exciting news here at Alec Tiranti. We are now the new and sole distributor in the UK of products by Sculpt Nouveau. This excellent company, founded by artists and aimed towards artists and metal tradesmen, are experts in designing products for sculpture maintenance and metal protection, along with metal finishing products. Sculpt Nouveau’s products merge traditional designs with modern techniques to allow their customers to bring their spaces to life.

We are very proud to offer Sculpt Nouveau’s products and encourage all of our customers to make great use of them. But which products are available as part of this impressive range? Here is an in-depth outline of the Sculpt Nouveau products that we are privileged to offer our clients.


The first set of products we are able to offer by Sculpt Nouveau is their set of Birchwood Casey patinas for blackening metals. These concentrated patina solutions can be diluted to various strengths and are available in three options, outlined below:

Pewter Black (PB1): This pewter black patina is ideal for blackening pewter alloys with tin and lead, along with stained glass. Unlike the other two solutions, this paint is suitable for immersion.

Presto Black (PC-9): Presto Black is suitable for blackening iron and steel surfaces. With an ultra-fast reaction time, this patina is great for tools and small decorative surfaces, bluing in the colour of gunmetal. Presto black is available in spray or brush-on concentrate.

Aluma Black (A-14): True to its name, this patina is best for aluminium surfaces. When dry it turns into a dark black for engravings and simulated pewter carvings.

If these Birchwood Casey patinas aren’t suitable for your needs, there’s no need to worry. Sculpt Nouveau also provide a range of more traditional patinas in a range of colours including black, Japanese brown, blue, and tiffany green. With numerous colours to choose from, Sculpt Nouveau’s patinas will allow you to let your artistic side shine.

Lacquers and top coats

Sculpt Nouveau offer a fantastic lacquer called Clear Guard. This lacquer is clear, durable, and fast drying, adhering impressively to numerous metals and patinas to produce a tarnish resistant film for your metal. CIear Guard also resists marring and water damage better than most other solvent lacquers, so it will keep your metal covered whatever the weather.

Smart Coat, on the other hand, is Sculpt Nouveau’s strong, eco-friendly polymer top coat which works well over patinas, rust-oxides, and clean polished metals to provide a beautiful hard, thin coating that dries quickly.

Metal cleaners and oils

Finally, Sculpt Nouveau offer their own brand of metal cleaner and degreaser, as well as a metal oil which is suitable for use on all metals. Both of these have UV and corrosion-inhibitors, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Interested? Contact us now

From the above, it’s obvious that Sculpt Nouveau’s products have much to offer our clients working with metal on a daily basis. Why not contact us here at Alec Tiranti today to learn more about these products and how they can help your project or business? Just get in touch via our contact page and we’d be delighted to give you more information.

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