Studio Furniture & Armatures

An artist’s studio is their sanctuary, a haven from a world of fickle and changeable tastes, a place where they can fully express themselves without distraction.  Whether their chosen medium is photography or painting, music or dance, this is where the mundane matters of life must yield to the purity and idealism of art.

The walls may be decorated with inspirational works of other artists, or objects from everyday life which by form, colour or texture, capture some value which will find expression in the works produced here.  Each and every item has its own place, its specific reason for being there.  The character of the workspace must resonate with the soul of the artist, must inspire their spirit.

On a practical level, most sculptors prefer a minimalist studio environment, one which will allow their internal creativity to flourish unhindered.  A bright, uncluttered workspace means enhanced convenience with minimum distractions.  There may be little more in the space than the tools of the trade: carving benches, modelling stands, and other studio furniture.  Meticulously keeping all your tools and equipment in place means they are easily accessible, poised for the moment of inspiration.

There can be few more evocative images than that of an artisan skilfully working away at a carving bench.  While it is the piece itself which is the focal point of the scene, the pedestal on which it stands is more than just a structure of wood and metal; it has a character all of its own.  It is a nexus of creativity, with its own heritage of a hundred such works.  Any of the quality carving benches, modelling stands, and other studio furniture supplied by Alec Tiranti will make a worthy centrepiece for your studio workspace.

On entering a sculptor’s studio, between the tool chests and carving stands, an observer may be fascinated to spot one or several armatures.  An armature is a sculpture modelling stand, which is used to support the materials during the creation of a piece.  They can sometimes also be used to display the finished item afterwards.

If a piece is to use an internal armature, then the construction of that armature will likely be the first step of the whole process after the concept and design are settled upon.  Internal armatures are often made from copper or aluminium wire, and are made by bending and twisting the wire to form a frame which will later be ‘fleshed out’ by the main material.  The malleability of metal wire means it is particularly suitable for fashioning organic shapes such as plants and animals; in the latter case, the armature effectively acts as a ‘skeleton’, supporting the body and each of the limbs.  Some modern materials allow the armature to remain inside as an integral part of the piece, but in the case of traditional clay sculpture the metal must be removed before firing, unless using Nichrome Wire which is especially designed for this purpose.

Please see the Alec Tiranti website for full details of all our studio furniture and armature supplies.

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