Our Top Products in Files and Abrasives

Here at Alec Tiranti Ltd, we have manufactured supplies for sculptors since 1895. We offer an array of materials, equipment, and tools for sculptors, and many other artists and craftspeople, the world over. From Milliput modelling to working with metals, we’re sure to have the products to suit you. Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the top products you can find in our range of files and abrasives.

Needle Files

When your sculptures are in need of some fine-tuning, look no further than our range of needle files. These offer precise use in a range of different shapes and sizes, depending on whether you need a barette, round, square, three square, warding, pillar or half round end. They are also available as a set, and individual handles are also sold separately, with screw clamping plastic for a good grip.

Riffler Files

We stock riffler files for working with bronze, cold cast resin metals, ceramics, and other metals. Standard bronze rifflers are 15cm long and available in 8 shapes, the large size is 18cm and feature a courser cut. Available in a range of lengths, from 15cm to 30cm, we also stock the highest quality hand-cut Italian riffler files, which are suitable for use with stone, wood and even plaster or ciment fondu, making them a popular choice. The small 15cm size has a very fine cut, becoming progressively coarser with each increase in size up to 30cm. A set of 8 stainless steel rifflers is also available for use on soft stone, wood, plaster, clay, and more.


We have a good stock of rasps, including Italian hand-cut rasps, and Italian bracelet rasps for wood and stone.  Our machine cut wood cabinet rasps feature one flat side and one half-round side. They are available in three sizes: 20cm, 25cm, and 30cm, and are fitted with a safety handle. Our machine cut stone rasps  have a very aggressive cut, are handled and available in round 25cm or half-round measuring either 25cm or 30cm.

Diamond Files and Abrasives

When you want a fine finish, working on very hard materials like ceramic or glass, and you want it fast, look no further than our diamond products. Our diamond files and abrasives are part of the Diapad® range, which use a patented process of diamond particles attached in dots in either nickel or resin and implanted onto a tough fabric. Our diamond files are available flat, half round, and square, and are between 10 and 12 inches long. We also stock a set of 10 titanium coated diamond riffler files, and a range of individual hand forged Italian diamond rifflers. These are good for use on hard surfaces such as stone and marble, as well as on softer materials like cement and plaster. Unlike other rifflers or files, the diamond coating prevents clogging. In this range, we also stock hand files, for hard to reach areas, and foam pad hand sanders, for rubbing down large areas quickly and simply.

Abrasive Cloth and Paper

Why not trial some of our 406 JFlex abrasive cloths? Featuring five pieces of 1m cloths of varying grades, you can find your abrasive cloth of choice. Initially produced for rubbing and polishing stainless steel, this high quality resin bonded cloth has been shown to be versatile, being used both wet and dry and is suitable for fine finishes on stone, resin, horn, metal, wood, and paintwork. Additionally, we have a conventional range of abrasive waterproof papers, also known as ‘wet and dry’ paper. These can rub down marble, soapstone, granite, resins, metals, and more, and are available in 8 different grits, supplied individually and with discounts for quantities of 25 or more.


To discover more about our files, abrasives and other products, visit our contact page to get in touch, or email us at enquiries@tiranti.co.uk. You can also call us directly during office hours on Monday through to Saturday on +44 (0)1635 587430. One of our team will be pleased to help you.

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