Our Top Products for Restoration and Finishing

At Alec Tiranti Ltd, we manufacture and supply everything you could ask for as a sculptor, and have been in existence since 1895. We offer an extensive range of materials, equipment, and tools not only to sculptors but many other artists and craftspeople, across the globe. Today, we will outline some of the best products for restoration and finishing.


When it comes to painting, we supply high-quality acrylic water-based paint. It is suitable for general craft use, as well as detailed decorative painting. The opaque coverage is appropriate for a range of materials, not only canvas, and including plaster, clay, metal, fabric, bisque and more. The paint is permanent, but it can be removed from clothes, fabrics or work surfaces by washing and rinsing immediately, well before the colour dries. Unlike oils, these acrylic paints are quick to dry, meaning it is possible to layer colours. It is nontoxic and great for professional usage, as well as when working with children. Available in 59ml tubes, the paints are available in a huge array of 52 different colours.


The perfect accompaniment to our paints, we supply an extensive range of brushes, including 15 different categories, with multiple sizes within these different styles of brushes. Our foam brushes are available in four different sizes: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm widths. Foam brushes are perfect to get a wide coverage without any streaks, and they can be used with various different paints, including acrylics and oils. An alternative to bristle brushes, they don’t leave brush marks and are easy to use and clean. They aren’t suitable with shellac or lacquer, but can be used for wood dyes and varnish. We also stock 8 different squirrel brushes, using a very soft hair for brush mark free gestures and featuring polished handles and aluminium ferrules. Stencil Brushes are available in a range of large sizes up to 40mm, and work best where wide coverage is needed.

Craft Knives

Our range of craft knives fulfils a range of purposes. We stock the Stanley Knife 99E, with replaceable blades with the option of the 1991 standard, or 1992 heavy duty. These are general purpose retractable knives, where the blade is stored within the handle. We also have an extensive supply of forty different Swann-Morton Surgical Knives, including 5 solid nickel handles, and 16 carbon steel blades. They come in a metal VPI-protected foil pack, including five blades as standard, but also available in boxes of 100. Handles 3, 7 and 3L take blades 10, 10A, 11, 12, 15 15A, and handles 4 and 4L take blades 20-27. They can be used for working with paper, clay, wood, rubber, and include the ability to scrape paint as a technique.

Sculpt Nouveau

One of our newest categories, Sculpt Nouveau, includes a variety of patinas for use on metals to age and colour them, along with cleaners and protective oils and sealers. Traditional patina comes in an assortment of shades and colours, and different sizes: 8oz, 32oz, or 1 gallon, and can be used hot or cold on metals as diverse as iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, or copper. As part of these processes, we also recommend use of our metal cleaner, which helps restore and prepare metalwork. Our metal oil contains UV and corrosive inhibitors, and removes residual moisture and humidity before sealing metals with a thin protective film. A versatile product, Clear Guard can add longevity to your work, and also has great adhesive properties with bronze, brass, copper, and other metals. Another of our top brands includes Smart Coat, which works as a top coat in either a matt resin or satin resin. Last in this category, is our Birchwood Casey Patina, which comes in Pewter Black, Presto Black, or Alumna Black, and can be used with a brush or as a spray, creating a high-quality finish when mixed at the optimum dilution of 1 part distilled water, to one part Birchwood Casey.


Only touching the surface of our excellent restoration and finishing products, to find out more head to our contact page to get in touch, or email us at enquiries@tiranti.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call us directly during office hours from Monday to Saturday on +44 (0)845 123 2100. One of our team will be glad to assist you.

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