Some Useful Pottery Tools for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of pottery and ceramics, you might be feeling a bit confused by all the equipment available to you. You might be wondering what each item is for and which pottery materials are truly necessary for your project. To help you get started with your first project, we have created a quick guide as to which pottery equipment is most useful for beginners who are still building their tool set.


It might seem obvious, but there are many different kinds of clay available to you and each one is better suited for different kinds of pottery-making projects. Whether it’s plaster, terracotta or a kind of stoneware that you are planning to work with, take some time to figure out which one will cater best for your project. This might be done best either by research or simply diving in and experimenting!

A potter’s wheel

Your wheel is one of your most fundamental tools because it is what you use to shape or build your clay onto. There is all kind of pottery wheels, from high-end electric wheels to simple (and affordable) whirler or banding wheels used for coil building and decoration.

A kiln

A kiln is a special kind of oven that vitrifies and hardens clay after it has been moulded into the desired shape. A kiln is an essential item in pottery-making and comes in a range of different sizes and prices. Once you have found the perfect kiln for you, there is also a range of different accessories you can buy to adapt your kiln to better suit the project that you are working on.


Ceramic knives differ from ordinary knives in that they are uniquely shaped and specially designed to give you the utmost control when working with clay. With the right ceramic knife, you will be able to cut easily into your materials to carve even the most intricate patterns into the surface of your clay.

Rolling Pins

A simple but highly useful tool, rolling pins are an essential for every budding potter to ensure smooth and even surfaces when working slabs of clay. Rolling pins are especially useful for the creation of flat objects such as plaques and tiles. 


Pottery needles are long needles that are set into a handle and come in a range of different sizes for you to choose from. They are very versatile pieces of equipment and it is always useful to have a few different ones to hand! Needles have a wide range of uses in pottery, such as for neatly trimming the top of a piece and also for scoring the surface of the item you are working on.

Ceramic Glazes

A ceramic glaze is what you use at the final stage of your project, to give your item a professional, glossy finish. As well as adding to the appearance of your creation, the right pottery glaze will also help preserve the quality of your item so that it will keep its sleek look for longer!

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