Our Top Products for Restoration and Finishing

At Alec Tiranti Ltd, we manufacture and supply everything you could ask for as a sculptor, and have been in existence since 1895. We offer an extensive range of materials, equipment, and tools not only to sculptors but many other artists and craftspeople, across the globe. Today, we will outline some of the best products for restoration and finishing.

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Our Top Products in Files and Abrasives

Here at Alec Tiranti Ltd, we have manufactured supplies for sculptors since 1895. We offer an array of materials, equipment, and tools for sculptors, and many other artists and craftspeople, the world over. From Milliput modelling to working with metals, we’re sure to have the products to suit you. Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the top products you can find in our range of files and abrasives.

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What Products are Available for Ceramicists and Potters?

At Alec Tiranti, we can help you get everything you need in pottery, from the first stages of shaping clay, all the way through to kiln firing and glazing. The tools of the trade for potters and ceramicists are often the same, but there are also particular pottery tools and equipment that we go over today. Read on to find out more about our extensive range of clays, tools, kilns, and glazes.

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What is casting plaster and how are plaster casts made?

Casting plaster is used as a building or modelling material similar to mortar or cement, starting as a dry powder and is then mixed with water to form a paste which dries into a hard surface.

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What are the most common mould-making materials?

Once you’ve completed a model, you may want to create a negative impression of the model in the form of a mould so you can easily replicate the model later. You can create these moulds by using specialist substances and equipment designed for mould-making, such as the types of mould-making materials we supply right here at Alec Tiranti.

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Which Modelling Tool Should You Use for Your Latest Project?

Whether you’re a sculptor in the art world, a scale modeller or prosthetic artist, it’s important that you’re aware of the ideal modelling tools for your particular requirements. Many elements of modelling and sculpting are incredibly detailed and particular, meaning that you must opt for something that will allow you to create precise finishes.

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What Are the Main Types of Restoration and Finishing Equipment?

Restoration and finishing equipment is a vital resource in the sculptor’s everyday kit. These tools are ideal for sculpting and painting when it comes to restoring an older piece or when you’re adding the finishing touches to a new creation.

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The 3 Must-Haves to Start Wood Carving

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned whittler, the importance of a good set of wood carving tools should be a given to anybody looking to get stuck into the art form. Arguably a straightforward discipline, wood carving can be easily jeopardised by scrimping on your toolkit and a fault creating an issue with your completed sculpture or figure.

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Sculpt Nouveau

We have exciting news here at Alec Tiranti. We are now the new and sole distributor in the UK of products by Sculpt Nouveau. This excellent company, founded by artists and aimed towards artists and metal tradesmen, are experts in designing products for sculpture maintenance and metal protection, along with metal finishing products.

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