Casting is the process of using a mould to replicate its features, whereby a positive reproduction is taken from the negative of the mould. Beginners will want to start by using basic casting plaster to craft their products, but it is also possible to use heated wax or a low melt alloy, as well as using resins to chemically activate it. It is also recommended to use release agents, in order to stop the casting material from bonding to the mould, as well as for preventing any damage. Here we will cover some of the key elements when it comes to casting.


We have an extensive collection of products for casting plaster for whatever purpose you can imagine. Along with these basic materials, we also stock related products such as bowls, brushes, and knives. The plasters on offer have a different measure of strength and setting times, so be sure to select the one that is right for you. Additionally, we stock high alumina cement that sets in just 24 hours, and is also suitable for outdoor use.


When it comes to resins, we offer these in polyester, polyurethane and epoxy. Our polyester resins are available in combination with an array of different pigments for colouring clear and opaque resins alike, as well as offering a liquid hardener. When lasting or laminating with polyester resin it is often an essential step to also use parting or release agents, which we also stock here at Alec Tiranti. Polyurethane resins are ideal when casting with model kits, figures, for foundry tooling and for pattern making. Epoxy resin has a subtle straw-colour, and is great for asting, embedding, cold enamelling and coating. In addition, we also provide a range of resin sundries.


We have a number of general fillers for polyester resin, which are used for a range of reasons. Fillers can often help to improve hardness, scratch resistance and thixotropic qualities (having a viscosity that decreases when a stress is applied, as when stirred). Examples include marble, state and synthetic onyx. Furthermore, we have an extensive range of metal fillers, including aluminium, bronze, brass, copper and iron.


We have a range of tin alloys, which are suitable for hand or machine casting. We also stock a range of suitable tools, including electric metal melting pots, ladles, an ingot mould, sprue cutter, and bearing metal. The colour will stay the same when heated, and recommended temperatures are given, so care should be taken not to overheat the material.


Lastly, we stock the Centricast, which is a centrifugal casting and mould-making machine. This is ideal if you need to produce repeatable quantities of small objects. As well as the machine, we also offer mould plates, mould rings, former plugs, mould opener screws, stud clamps, and thumb nuts.

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