Ceramics have been a popular, cultural artform throughout history and there are surviving pieces dating back as far as 10000 BC. Perhaps it is the ability to carefully hand craft an exact design by the sculptor, or the unique elements of each finished piece when it comes out of the furnace. It may be the variety of finishes one can achieve when applying different glaze effects. Here at Alec Tiranti, we have a wide range of pottery equipment, tools and accessories for the well-practiced exponents and beginners alike. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the different ceramic glazes and pieces of equipment we have on offer on our website, and how they can transform your work.

Pottery glazes

Choosing the right ceramic glaze can transform your ceramic pieces. Ceramic glazing is not only important for creating a colourful and textured finish, but it is also crucial to preserving and increasing the life length of your piece, waterproofing, colouring and finishing the final piece in the process.  Each glaze is unique, and it is up to you as the originator to choose what kind of ceramic finish you want to try and achieve.

There is always an element of circumspect experimentation required when mixing, applying and firing a ceramic glaze, indeed the finished piece doesn’t always produce the same result every time.

Spectrum products sold here at Alec Tiranti Ltd cover a broad range of glazes and finishes, from Underglazes, Low Fire Glazes, to Stoneware Glazes and the Metallic Glazes, Lustres and Crystals.

With a LF metallic glaze, for instance, you can achieve an iridescent metallic appearance to your final piece, but unlike lustres these colours fire in a standard pattern like an underglaze.  You may opt for a brushed bronze, wrought iron, or stunning moonlight finish to your piece; whatever your preference, the outcome is an impressive ceramic piece with the appearance of being forged from metal.

Alternatively, the Spectrum stoneware glazes can be applied along with Glaze Crystals, these react with the glaze during firing to give an attractive mottled finish within the standard glaze.

Lustres can be thinned and applied over a ready fired porcelain, glass or ceramic piece, these lustres are then re-fired at a lower temperature – the result is fine metallic finish in a variety of colours and effects.

Pottery tools and pottery equipment

Pottery tools are designed to facilitate the sculpting and creation process, and as such are a valuable part of any artist’s studio. From the most basic pottery tool sets to the specialist carving, modelling and finishing tools, Alec Tiranti Ltd. aim to provide you with all of the equipment needed for both the beginner and the experienced ceramicist.

Our range of pottery tools starts with a simple bow harp to cut the working piece of clay from a block of bulk, the wire will allow you to cut large pieces of clay with ease.

Hardwood Modelling Tools are designed to introduce shape and profile, altering the shape of these tools allows the modeller to refine shapes in the design of the finished piece.

We also offer specialist modelling tools in plastic and rubber Clay Shapers, to define intricate imagery such as fingernails, eye sockets, ultra-fine shapes and profiles too.

Metal clay tools are normally made in stainless steel, these are especially good for picking out ultra fine detail from partially fired pieces such as slip moulded cast clays. Metal tools are also good for “Sgraffito” work – this is a form of decoration on ceramics, pottery and plaster which involves carving, scratching and modelling a design into a semi finished piece prior to firing and glazing. Wire Modelling Tools allow the shape and profile to be changed and refined, these are especially good for profiling convex shapes.

Wooden Rib and Rubber Kidneys are useful sculpting tools, they can be used to smooth and set a shape into a piece during hand building or turning operations.

Specialist turning tools for sharper detail finishing work, Pallet Knives for adding clay to hand built models and smoothing profiles, Point Knives for cutting pouring holes and making detail accents.

For the more experienced potter we also offer a wide range of workshop and studio tools such as Potters Wheels for pottery throwing, Pugmills and Extruders for taking block clay and forming regular shaped working pieces of clay, Clay Rollers for forming flat sheets of clay, all the way up to Kilns and spray booths for clay firing and finishing works.


Get in touch

Should you require more information on our stock of equipment for your pottery craft, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our team has years of expertise in the sculpting industry and are always happy to offer help and advice by answering any remaining questions you may have. You can reach us by sending us an email at enquiries@tiranti.co.uk, or if you prefer to speak with someone directly, please give us a call on +44 (0)1635 587430.

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