Ceramics & Pottery Overview

Pottery is it one of the oldest crafts in human history; ceramic artefacts are of key importance to archaeologists when determining the age and cultural identity of a given site.  This is because techniques and styles have developed progressively over time and in different parts of the world, to the end that each period and culture has its own identifying marks.

As with so many other crafts, the industrial revolution brought sweeping changes.  Mass production of crockery quickly supplanted the artisans who previously manufactured these items by hand.  At the same time, innovations in pottery equipment such as ceramic tools, dipping glazes and underglazes, as well as kiln accessories, made it much easier for amateur enthusiasts to pursue pottery as a hobby, and for artists to achieve greater levels of expression.

These days, it’s easier than it has ever been to enjoy this uniquely satisfying and practical craft.  The standard of readily available pottery materials has never been higher, and when shopping for pottery supplies UK hobbyists need look no further than Alec Tiranti.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular pottery equipment available to buy from this famous London retailer.

Pottery Tools

The knives, needles and rollers in Alec Tiranti’s pottery tools section are similar to the traditional tools which have been used by craftspeople for centuries.  However, modern manufacturing allows for these essential items to be produced to consistently high standards using quality materials.   These are joined by more modern pottery equipment such as electric potters’ wheels and extrusion guns.  Learning to get the best from such a vast range of ceramic tools will always be a long process, but by insisting on quality pottery supplies every step of the way the journey will always be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Kilns and Kiln Accessories

The most important properties of clay as a material are that it can be easily worked in its raw state, then fired to produce a hard and resilient object.  Craftspeople of bygone times would marvel at how modern technology allows us to site powerful and reliable kilns right in our homes.  Alec Tiranti supply gas and electric powered kilns of various sizes, along with props, shelves, and various other kiln accessories for any kind of ceramic craft.

Glazes for Pottery

Pottery glazes are what really made ceramics practical and therefore useful in so many ancient civilizations.  Fired clay is porous, but adding a pottery glaze strengthens the surface of the piece and at the same time waterproofs it.  It’s no wonder that ceramic crockery has been used in kitchens all over the world for thousands of years.

Ceramics is a craft with many facets, and to get the best results, whether your piece is decorative or practical, the right pottery glaze must be used.  Tiranti offers a range of pottery glazes that artists can rely on; these include stoneware glazes; underglazes and glaze crystals for added sparkle; or underglaze pencils can be used to create unique decorative effects.

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