Clear Cast Resin Paperweight

By Matt Passingham

I’ve worked with polyester resins in the past, but having never tried an embedding before I decided to try one out.

David, our new manager, asked if I would be willing to make a paperweight from sugar butterflies his wife was using on a cake for an upcoming wedding, as this would make a perfect accompanying gift.

I watched this video, got my materials together, and was ready to give it a go!

First of all I mixed up a small amount of Clear Cast resin with Liquid Hardener (I cut it down to just a few drops, as it was a hot day and I didn’t want the resin to get hot and warp).

I poured this into the mold to form a first layer.

In this case, I then inserted the first sugar butterfly into the resin, carefully positioning it to give the impression of floating. This would become the ‘top’ butterfly once the piece was finished.

I then allowed the resin to gel.

After around 45 minutes I was ready to mix up another small amount of resin and add the second layer. This time I allowed the resin to gel fully before positioning the second small butterfly.

I then mixed up a third batch, poured it, and allowed it to gel again. I then carefully positioned the large butterfly.

I then poured a fourth layer of resin to give some space between the large butterfly and the base, giving this layer plenty of time to gel before preparing the final base layer.

To make the base, I mixed up one small amount of resin with our Marble Filler Powder, and another with our Marble Filler Coarse. I poured the powder mixture into the mold first, then poured the course mixture directly into the center of the mold above it; the heavier course marble was then able to sink through the powder marble, creating a two-tone effect.

I wanted to make sure that the resin had fully set before de-molding the final piece. Two days later the moment of truth arrived!

I was very happy with the result. There were a few air bubbles but nothing major- very good for a first try!

Here is the final piece given a good polishing and the base given a beveled edge, ready to be given as a gift…

And the cake that it is an accompaniment to…

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