Complete your set of tools with our extensive range of Mallets and Hammers

Here at Alec Tiranti, we specialise in the provision of high quality and reliable tools for use in stonemasonry, woodwork, and other professions or hobbies that require you to work closely with materials. Today, we will be taking a look at the range of mallets and hammers we have stocked on our website, the different purposes they can be used for, and their advantages over other alternative tools. This should offer you a better idea on the perfect tools to add to your toolbox, be you a beginner or an expert in your craft.


Bush hammers

Bush hammers – otherwise known as Bouchard hammers – are a type of machined steel headed hammers. Their bushing insert at either end allows you to place a replaceable insert, making for a versatile type of hammer. These are used most often for modelling large and flat surfaces, due to the reduced effort needed when using them to remove material, when compared to using a hammer and chisel for instance. While this is an advantage, bush hammers are not so suitable for stonemasonry that works with harder stone types.

Dummy mallets

Dummy mallets have heads made from drop forged steel; this means that globules of molten metal are dropped into a mould, which is then closed and pressed at a high pressure. The result is an extremely strong and tightly bound head that is highly resistant to fractures and occlusions. This makes them an excellent choice for stonemasonry, as they also ensure the metal being worked with is less likely to fracture.

Lump hammers

Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for a lump hammer. These are the simplest form of hammer head, aptly getting their name from the literal lump of metal that forms the head. Their force makes them ideal for roughing work and splitting tools, such as bolsters, feathers, and drills.

Nylon mallets

Nylon mallets are best used for stone carving, in use with a mallet headed chisel. The machined nylon head is pressed onto a hickory handle and held in place with a wedge, with hickory selected as an ideal type of wood for the handle. This is due to the fact that hickory wood has a close grain, making it free of knots and unlikely to splinter. Furthermore, this wood type is unlikely to crack when changing the hammer head.

Get in touch

We hope to have given you a taster of an overview of our selection of hammer and mallet tools here at Alec Tiranti. Besides this introduction, we also offer wood carving mallets, carvers mallets, and sculptors mallets, to name a few.

Should you require any further information on our hammers and mallets, please do not hesitate to contact us. Someone from our team at Alec Tiranti will be happy to answer any remaining questions you may have. You can reach us by sending us an email at, or if you prefer to speak with someone directly, you can call us on +44 (0)1635 587430.

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