Mallets and Hammers

The hammer is a much maligned tool, perceived by many as simply a blunt instrument.  Here at Alec Tiranti, we know nothing could be further from the truth.  Far from being a simple tool, in the right hands a sculptors mallet and hammers can be compared to the instrument of a musician or the pen of a poet.  Such a conduit of expression, it is critical that a sculptor has access to the right tool for each task.  After all, you wouldn’t present a pianist with a violin.  To this end, our range of carving mallets and hammers are specially selected to offer every artist the widest possible choice of tools of different sizes and materials, all manufactured to the highest standards.

Scopas lump hammers are made from malleable iron for the safety of the user – less inclined to chip or splinter.  These are not just basic tools in the vein of a workman’s hammer, they are designed to be balanced and durable to yield consistent performance for an extended period.  The high quality ash handle provides a slight compliance which improves comfort and reduces fatigue.  They make great stone hammers as they are ideal for use with steel chisels.

Just as a golfer will have their preferred club for a given shot, so different stone carving mallets can be used when working different materials, or on different parts of the same project.  To complete an entire, complex sculpture with various levels of texture and detail using only a single stonemasons mallet is a project few artists would be prepared to commit to.  Different stone mallets respond differently, and are suited to different techniques.  And then of course, there is always the matter of personal preference.

Our five sizes of beech mallets are turned from kiln dried beech, perfect for woodcraft as they can be used without causing damage to materials or equipment.  Ranging from three to five inches, these are a simple and practical design produced to the highest standard.  A more heavy duty option are our hard wearing nylon mallets which come with a wooden handle in weights of up to 1.4kg.

Some stone and wood carving mallets are designed for a particular task or type of work.  A good example of these specialist tools are dummy mallets (Scopas and Italian brands are available).   The narrow malleable iron head concentrates the force and allows for excellent articulation in use.  These qualities make dummy mallets ideal for intricate carving work, such as lettering.

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