Modelling Tools

Alec Tiranti have been suppliers of superior quality sculptors and model makers equipment for over one hundred years, and during that time we have established a reputation as the dealer of choice for discerning artists and professionals.  Our current range of modelling tools is second to none, and includes general sculpting tools as well as more specialized items for specific materials and disciplines.

The modelling tools UK sculptors most often shop online for are the traditional clay sculpting implements which have been used by masters for generations.  We therefore spare no expense when it comes to assembling an inventory of clay modelling tools using only the finest and most reputable brands in the business.  As a complete solution, we can happily supply you with tools, modelling clay, a sculpture modelling stand, and a range of other accessories all specially selected to compliment your latest project.  Feel free to contact us and ask questions about products, techniques, or just about the art of modelmaking in general.

Crafting on a small scale necessitates tools which are fine enough to achieve the desired degree of detail, yet have the robustness to tackle hard materials when required.  It is therefore small wonder that many model makers and miniaturists turned to dentistry equipment to find thee flexibility they needed.  Our range of dental modelling tools incorporate all the stainless steel items you would expect to find in such a kit.  These can be used in conjunction with other stainless steel modelling tools, as well as those made from wood, plastic and wire, to work in extremely fine detail.

An additional advantage of wire modelling tools is that they can be heated to achieve certain effects on different modelling materials.  As a result, they are very effective as wax modelling tools and can be used for cutting, sculpting and welding.  Those who like to work with modelling wax may also like to peruse our selection of purpose designed wax modelling tools, which include hand tools and also burners for melting the material.  As always, Alec Tiranti has you covered for raw materials as well as high quality tools: find supplies of white modelling wax here.

Modelling plaster for decorative applications is a time honoured craft, and one which requires many hours of dedication and the finest modelling equipment to do it justice.  It is the consistency of modelling plaster which sets it apart from clay modelling materials in terms of the tools used, while modern materials like Newplast modelling clay and Milliput modelling clay may be better suited to traditional clay modelling tools.

Don’t forget, besides our tools Alec Tiranti can also supply other items of modelmakers equipment such as modelling stands, modelling castings and latex modelling supplies.  We aim to provide a full tools and materials supply service, so always get in touch with us first for all your sculpting and modelmaking needs.  And with a friendly and experienced team ready to give you advice on your latest project, make the call to Alec Tiranti today! 

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