Mouldmaking – Relying on your Supplier

When it comes to art, the materials have to compliment the skill and expertise of the artist.

It is not always a fair or reasonable proverb to suggest that ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’.  Sometimes a good workman, and even a professional expert can rightly blame the tools and materials, if they are not professional expert materials themselves to match the quality of his work.

Alec Tiranti proudly supplies the modern-day sculptor with excellent materials and customer service. We offer a range of products, tools, services, plus help and advice on how to best use them.

Our staff at both Thatcham and London shops have a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to call upon and are always willing to try and help.

When making moulds it is important to choose the best method to take an accurate register from a pattern. For example, during the process of casting a mother mould, you might need a thickening agent to create a thick enough skin layer to pick up fine detail. This in turn will allow for a smooth easy removal of first the pattern when the silicone or latex has cured and then the cast component with minimal sprues or air bubbles over the surface of that casting, this will also give longer lasting moulds with good repeatability.                                                                                                                            Choosing the wrong product to manufacture your mould can cause a waste of resources, not to mention frustration and ultimately increase costs too.

There is sometimes a need for experimentation but if others have already experienced those pitfalls, Tiranti staff can help you avoid making the same mistakes as others in the past.

Alec Tiranti not only take care to provide you with the correct materials of the highest quality, but to hold a suitable variety of necessary tools and supplies that work alongside your chosen materials.

A fine example of how thorough Alec Tiranti are in supplying and supporting their many expert and skilled clients, is the descriptive content given when purchasing your mouldmaking equipment from the website, which highlights the materials that work together to create your mould.

To make this even simpler, you can browse and choose from a whole range of mouldmaking products including latex’s, silicone’s, plasters, vinyl plus our staff can give help and advice on using these to their best effect.

Latex is a natural rubber, derived from tree sap, pre vulcanised Liquid Latex is refined and used for a range of mouldmaking applications, most especially within the special effects world because the latex can be peeled off easily, also it tends not to cause adverse reactions when applied direct to the skin (except in cases where the person is allergic to latex).

Latex can be brushed over a pattern, or the pattern can be dipped into the liquid latex to build thicker layers, we also supply a specialist Latex Thickener to speed up the product buildup over a pattern surface.

Latex is economical way of building strong and durable strip off moulds for casting plasters, cements and waxes in particular.

Silicone is a man-made synthetic rubber compound developed to mimic natural rubbers, yet have more development potential. Over the years there have been many developments of silicones to give better heat resistance, better mouldmaking properties, softer and more compliant.

Condensation cure silicone rubber is available in a range of viscosities’ and strengths depending on duty, from free flowing silicone rubbers suitable for cold casting resins, to the stiffer harder silicone suitable for higher temperature casting applications such as white metals casting.

Putty Silicone is used for making simple moulds of components which are difficult to access or move. Ideal for taking moulds from a vertical or horizontal surface, Putty Silicone is more commonly used for ornamental or foundry type repairs of larger pieces. Putty Silicone is also commonly used for ceramics repairs too.

Addition Cure silicones are a group of faster setting products designed for mouldmaking applications such as polyester and polyurethane resins and also for body moulding. The faster setting times and smaller kit sizes make these products ideal for smaller moulds in particular.

Tiranti Vinamold is a hot melt vinyl rubber based product developed for mouldmaking, the product is soft, compliant and also re-usable. Once finished with, old moulds can be re-melted and re-cast to make new moulds.

Alec Tiranti ltd. were one of the first to develop cold metal resin casting opening up a way to cast highly detailed model that looks like a convincing metal cast object. Once polished and finished the only thing that gives the product away as resin, is the overall weight – resin components are much lighter. We can supply a variety of resin products including Polyurethane’s, Polyesters and Epoxy’s all of which have their own particular attributes for high quality finish.

Alec Tiranti Ltd is proud to supply the modern sculptor and model maker with the best quality products, services and advice from the 1800’s to the present day.

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