Here at Alec Tiranti, we provide a whole range of casting products, whether from simple plaster casting to more advanced methods such as resins and even white metals. Plasters and resins can be pigmented or filled with stone or metal powders during the casting process, this ensures a thorough distribution of colour throughout the casting. Often a resin casting with a metal filler can fool the eye and the uninitiated to believe a piece is metal or stone when in fact it is resin.

The cast displays the positive reproduction of a negative mould, yet there are many different methods you can use through this all-encompassing process. Plasters and cement-based products can be cast either as a solid or hollow by a process known as “slush moulding” – the casting agent is poured into the mould and the mould repeatedly spun during the curing process to distribute the plaster or cement around the mould in thin layers. Resins too can be cast in similar ways

When casting, it can help to use release agents to avoid the casting material bonding with the mould, as well as protecting the mould from damage.

Gravity casting is a technique that can be employed for smaller castings that are poured easily by hand ideal for smaller objects such as jewellery and decorative items. On the other hand, larger castings can be built up in layers to create a hollow casting, or those that make use of a mechanical processes to cast the object using centripetal action.

The C300 Centricast machine is ideal for casting high quality models in low melt white metal alloys such as pewter and is best suited to casting large batches of small to medium sized objects.

In order to get the best results, we recommend using our RTV 101 silicone to make high quality moulds, the Centricast spins the mould ensuring a clean spread of the molten metal throughout the mould, this reduces the risk of faults and occlusions and ensures a better-quality casting.

Our technical team is always available to offer help and advice on a range of casting options including, mouldmaking, casting and product choices.