Centricast Centrifugal Casting & Mould making Machine.The C300 Centricast Machine is a complete low-cost system which makes moulds in cold cure silicone rubber (RTV-101) and then casts in white metals and Pewter. It is used for casting military figures and accessories, vehicle kits, model railway parts, jewellery, badges, jewellery components and dolls house accessories. The advantage over hand casting is that castings are produced much more quickly and in quantity, detail and finish are improved, and by harnessing centrifugal force, hitherto difficult parts such as rifles or fine filigree parts will cast more easily.Using cold cure silicone rubber for mould making means that no heat or pressure is required to make moulds; consequently, masters can be made from any reasonably hard material, such as plastic, Milliput, white metal, Plastikard, Super Sculpey, or even hard wax.The machine is of a compact and robust design, CE marked and is ideal for Educational, home or workshop use, working off normal domestic supply. Normal voltage is AC 240 Volts (3 amps); 110 Volt version is available to special order. A fully illustrated Manual with hints and tips on mould making and casting comes with each machine. Centricast Machines are made by us at Thatcham, are guaranteed in proper use for twelve months, and can normally be supplied from stock.Demonstrations can be arranged at either our London or Thatcham premises, and technical advice can normally be obtained by calling us at Thatcham, during normal working hours.