Resin Sundries

We offer a range of high-quality resin sundries to ensure that you achieve accurate and professional looking results when working with polyester resin. With the right resin sundries at your side, every stage of your project from the application process to creating the right finish on your end product is guaranteed to be a success.

For creating the perfect look, our laminating brushes are inexpensive and designed specifically for being used with resins. We also supply a complete system including polish, buffing mops, finishing mops, compos and a steel arbor. These products for buffing and polishing resins will give a quick, flawless finish to any cast blocks, especially to clear casting resin which has articles embedded or encapsulated.

Our polypropylene moulds for casting and embedding with polyester resin are the perfect solution for making paperweights, embedding small items in clear resins or simply for general sampling of colours and fillers. Available in two different sizes, these moulds are ideal for achieving the accurate results that you want and are also reusable to see you through your projects time and time again.

Melinex foil can be used to great effect to produce a flat back to you castings made in an open mould or help reduce inhibition of the resin due to atmospheric moisture. Where you have a large open mould that the foil will not cover, wax additive can be added to your polyester resin to prevent against the same atmospheric inhibition.

For cleaning your equipment after use and for removing resin from your brushes, we supply various measures of acetone, a powerful solvent and cleaning fluid.