Ceramics or more broadly pottery is the act of shaping a clay and through a process of kiln firing turning the clay into a hard and permanent material with the application of ceramic glaze for decoration, for the most part a ceramic artist will use the same raw materials and tools as that of a clay sculptor but there are specific pottery tools and equipment used to turn the same clay body into a finished ceramic piece. There is a large choice of clays available to potters, each with particular colours and textures that allow for different techniques like throwing, hand building and even casting. The two principle clays are earthenware and stoneware that vitrify and harden in the kiln at different temperatures, the first firing known as bisque refers to an unglazed ceramic and the bisque then receives a coating of pottery glaze before a second firing. Kiln accessories such as props and shelves are used to partition and separate work being fired to make best use of kiln space.