When you’re working with pottery and sculpting, you’re going to want to create a finish that will not only preserve the quality of your sculpture, but will also make it look striking and professional in its final form. Here at Alec Tiranti, we have been uniting sculptors and art enthusiasts with the ideal glazes for their projects for over a decade, since our company’s inception way back in 1895.

With a wide variety of glaze colours and types to choose from – depending upon your medium of sculpting – you’ll be sure to find the product that will seal the deal when it comes to the aesthetics of your latest creation. Whether it’s a Spectrum Stoneware Glaze (available in 83 colours), an underglaze or Spectrum Low fire (earthenware) Metallic Glaze, our selection will appeal to every type of artist and potter.

Following from our glaze selection itself, we also supply a vast range of accessories and tools to make your glazing endeavours cleaner and more precise. We have underglaze pencils or body stains, wax resists and a whole department of raw materials for the experienced, or more adventurous to mix your own colours.

Contact us today here at Alec Tiranti, where our team will be on hand to unite you with the ideal products for your latest project when it comes to glazes. Whatever questions you may have regarding the use of your glaze – whether it’s the best type to opt for in your particular circumstances, or which glaze will offer the best sheen – with our years of expertise, we’re happy to be of assistance.

Is there a particular glaze or glazing tool that you’d like to purchase from us here at Alec Tiranti but you can’t currently see it listed within our product selection? Make sure to drop us an email or pick up the phone, and our team will strive to unite you with the correct product, or offer the closest alternative where applicable.