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These crystals are very versatile and can be used successfully from cone 06 to cone 6, they can be used with any glaze in this firing range to produce a great variety of different appearances. They can be intermixed using many combinations of two or more coloured crystals on your choice of glaze background. be aware that due to varying expansion coefficients, some of these crystals may cause crazing on some glazes, particularly at higher stoneware temperatures, always test for suitability.
Instructions for useThe crystals can be dropped or placed onto the final coat of glaze while the surface is still wet allowing the crystals to adhere to the glaze, if the glaze dries out try spraying a little water on the glaze to help the crystals stick. Using this method means you can position the crystals where you want them on the piece.Alternativley you can pour some crystals onto a sheet of paper and dip your brush in the crystals as you are applying your final coat of glaze. These crystals can also be mixed into a liquid glaze to be brushed on. However, the crystals are large and heavy and tend to settle to the bottom of the container. Therefore, you will need to stir the glaze regularly when using this method.
These crystal may run a lot when fired up to cone 5 or 6 and should not be applied near the bottom or base of piece for stoneware firings. The CR series Glaze crystals are all lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired to a minimum cone 06.