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The perfect kiln for hobby and work shop! Attractive design, low weight and good firing results are only a few of the advantages of our top loaders. The small top loader Top 16/R is perfectly suited for glaze or sample firings. The bigger models are a good choice for home applications as well as for small schools or kindergartens.

Housing made of textured stainless steel
„„Controller mounted on the right side of the kiln with removable holder for
comfortable operation
„„Multiple layers of insulation for low exterior temperatures
„„High-quality, energy-saving back insulation for top loaders Top 45eco,
Top 60eco, Top 80 – Top 220
„„Lightweight refractory bricks inside kiln chamber for clean firing results
„„Lid with adjustable quick-release lock and padlock hasp
„„Adjustable lid mechanism
„„Long-life lid seal (brick on brick)
„„Lid interlock safety switch
„„Heating from all sides, elements embedded in grooves for protection
„„Bottom heating for top loader Top 220
„„Solid state relays provide for low-noise operation
„„Rapid switching cycles result in precise temperature control
„„Type S thermocouple
„„Powerful gas dampers support lid opening
„„Infinitely adjustable air inlet in opening in the kiln bottom for good ventilation and short cooling times
„„Exhaust air outlet on kiln side
„„Delivery includes pipe connection for connecting an air outlet with 80 mm diameter
„„Lockable castors for easy transport of kiln without the need for lifting
„„Top loader Top 16/R as tabletop model without castors
„„Models Top 60..: for Tmax of 1200 °C and 230V please choose model Top 60, for Tmax of 1300 °C and 230V
please choose model Top 60eco as energy-saving version. If 400V three-phase connection is available, we
recommend model Top 60/R which fastly heats up to the working temperature.
Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
„„NTLog for Nabertherm Controller: Recording of process data with USB-flash drive

Kiln Features Include:
Heating elements embedded in groove, heating from all sides. Lownoise operation of the heating with SolidStateRelays Precise temperature distribution by the fast clocking of switching operations. High quality PtRhPt thermocouple for exact temperature measurements . Lid contact switch with forcerelease mechanism Multiple layers insulation for low power consumption and low housing temperatures. Lightweight refractory bricks inside kilns chamber for clean firing results. Attractive design with lowmaintenance stainless steel housing. Lid with adjustable quickrelease lock and padlock hasp. Wearfree lid seal (brick on brick). Spring supported lidopening, very easy to open. Lockable castors for easy transport of kiln without need for lifting. Infinitely adjustable inlet air opening on the side of the kiln for good ventilation and short cooling times. Air outlet on the upper left side of the kiln with pipe connection, 80 mm Ø, for connection of an exhaust tube.GS safety mark for controlled safety, CE.
B400 Controller features:
Nabertherm controllers offer intuitive operation and contemporary design, they are operated via a central control dial (jog dial). Temperatures and program information are repsented in a clear, high contrast LC display.In developing the B400 controller to replace the previous standard B130, ease of use was the focus. For convienience the controller may be taken off the holder on the kiln for handheld operation and all program entered in plain text making each step easy to follow. Firing curves can be saved under thier name for unique assignment (e.g. glaze firing)
When connected to a kiln for firing ceramics, five sample programs are stored in the controller (two bisque and three glaze firings). These programs can be easily adapted for individual firings, you can overwrite and save new programs and using the integrated real time clock start times can be delayed (e.g. for overnight firings).
The B400 controller is equipped as standard with a usb interface and firings can be documented on a usb stick for easy review using NTgraph (freeware), which is based on Microsoft Excel as user interface. Visualization is presented in tabular form or as clearly coloured graphics.

Mounted on the right side of the furnace for a convenient operation.
Easy and individual programming, data input via jog dial and buttons.
Clear, highcontrast, bluewhite LCDisplay.
Entering program names.
Status messages in clear text.
5 programs can be stored.
Each program can have up to 4 segments (heat up ramps, hold/dwell and cool down).
Skip button for segment jump.
Adjustable start time of the furnace (e.g. for using nighttime current).
2 Bisque and 3 glaze firing are preset as example programs, free changeable.
Input of the programs in increments of 1°C and/or 1min.
Key Locking.
Real time Clock.
kWh meter.
Operating hour counter.
NTlog Basic for Nabertherm Controller: Recording of process data with usb flash drive.