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Specially developed for tableware applications, this is an ultra fine and hard plaster.
Ceram-N1-Plaster is considered as an Alpha plaster but also shares many properties with a Beta plaster (it is just milled finer) the resulting plaster has the look and feel of fired clay.
The hardened Ceram-N1-Plaster has a compressive strength somewhere between Basic Alpha and our Prestia Classic.
Ceram-N1 offers excellent wear resistance properties due to its alpha based formulation, it has excellent properties for making Slip Moulds too – combining the advantages of Beta plaster and the strength of Alpha.
The plaster gives excellent detail and surface finish, offering a really good quality mould finish for pottery casting slips.
It is also suitable for jigger and roller head machine moulds. Setting time 20-30 minutes.
Plaster to water ratio is 1.6kg/litre.