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Finely chopped fibres of flax and cellulose added to a range of clays which produces very forgiving clay bodies that offers a potter the widest possible versatility when creating works. Offers strength and flexibility while remaining light in weight. These paperclays have virtually no mould growth, unlike other paper clays. These clays will accept a range of firing types: Raku, Oxidation, Reduction, Salt and Soda.The fibre create a strong but flexible internal structure. The capillary of fibres transfers moisture easily and evenly through the clay. Greenware rewets easily allowing alterations to be made.With “Flax Paper Clay” it is possible to build armatures that allow the sculpture to be fired with the armature in place. Even greenware is very durable allowing the potter to be more of an artist and less of a technician.Quantity Discount available: 4+ (of same type) less 10% discount