Files & Abrasives

Established over a hundred years ago, in 1985, here at Alec Tiranti we have built up a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a whole kit of products for sculptors. Whether you need materials, tools, or equipment, we can provide products for a variety of purposes. The collection is not only useful for sculptures, but additionally to people working with their hands in a wide range of industries, whether artistic or practical, whether using clay, plaster, wood, stone, or ceramics.

Our range of files and abrasives are ideal for working with wood, stone or plaster. Used towards the final stages of completion, before polishing, we stock different products to help you achieve your aims. We have an extensive range of files and cabinet rasps for shaping and removing excess wood, taking down a surface, or adding texture (including the use of soft stone). For harder stone surfaces, we have large, flat rasps that are very course, capable of removing excess or levelling a surface. Shaping or taking down the surface of plaster is easily achieved with our selection of non-clogging plaster rasps.

Our collection of surform tools can offer an alternative to plaster rasps when working with plaster, and can also be used on wood, fibreglass, vinyl, thermalite, and linoleum. They are available in a large flat planer-file, round file, or as a shaver tool. For the hardest of surfaces, including bronze, glass, and ceramic glazes, diamond files and Italian diamond rifflers are provided. best used when wet to clean up casting or glaze faults. We stock the DiapadĀ® range of diamond abrasives, a patented type of abrasive, which produces fast results when it comes to wanting the finest finish. Additionally, we have plenty of burs, cutters, drills, as well as abrasive water proof paper, and cloths.