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~ High Speed tool~variable speed slide~(noload speed 10,000 to 33,000 rpm)~ Light, compact and easy to handle~ 125 watt motor (1/6 horsepower)~ 230/240 volt~ Double insulated~radio/TV suppressed~ CE marked~ Shaft lock~ Hanger~ Dual ballbearing shaft~ 15 accessories~Softgrip, Comfort switches~Attachment Interface~Onboard Wrench Storage~Integrated Hang Hook~Padded Storage Case~ Precisely centered 3.2mm (1/8″) No 480 chuck collet and wrench for changing bits

Also available: Collet No 481 2.4mm (3/32″); Collet No 482 1.6mm (1/16″); Collet No 483 0.8mm (1/32″); 4485 Quick Change Collet Nut Kit; Flexible Drive Shaft; Extensive range of accessories