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When working with the art of sculpting, only the most precise work will do. Purchasing a collection of reliable needle files is the only way to ensure that the detailing within your sculpting projects is consistently tidy and truly conveys the image that you’re looking to create. There’s little point in spending hours or days slaving over your latest creation only to butcher it with tools that aren’t as to the point as you need.

Here at Alec Tiranti, we have been manufacturing and supplying needle files for generations – founded in 1895 – we understand the needs of all sculptors, whether it’s decorative work, or solely for the creation of prototypes or moulds. We’re confident that our product line of needle files is adept at handling all of the above and more.

As you can see with the images of our needle file selection below, we offer a range of both different sizes and different shapes. Whether it’s a barette finish, or a round end that you’re looking for, be sure to peruse and seek out the ideal shape for your sculpting endeavours.

Contact us today here at Alec Tiranti to discuss the purchase of your needle file collection. Whether you’re a new sculpting enthusiast looking to build a core collection of tools, or whether you’re a seasoned sculptor looking to replace one of your must-have tools, we have the products to get you started in no time.

Is there a product that you need from our needle file collection that isn’t currently listed on the site? Be sure to get in touch with us as it may be in the midst of being relisted, or we can offer you an alternative to help you get working in the meantime.