Complete your collection of tools with the right mallet or hammer, there are many varieties and each is used for a particular area of work with unique design qualities to make it easier for the sculptor to practise their art.
In woodcarving a beech or hardwood carvers mallet is used and available in a range of sizes and weights with the reduced force offered by a wooden carving mallet giving better control, not strictly used in woodcarving alone they can be a useful addition to the stonemason’s toolbox. HDP and Nylon mallets are widely used in stonemasonry and wood carving, they are very hard wearing and durable and like wood will absorb some of the shock when striking tools.
Iron Lump hammers are an essential for the stone sculptor but where greater accuracy or control is required, especially when letter carving, a dummy mallet is employed. Both types should be well balanced and as with all Scopas stone mallets are made of a malleable iron or steel to help absorb some shock. Spare handles and wedges will give a new life to old stone hammers.