If you’re looking for a quality selection of modelling waxes for a wide variety of purposes, you’ve come to the right place with Alec Tiranti’s wide range of modelling waxes. From microcrystalline wax to glass wax, green foundry casting wax or precision machining wax we supply waxes for recreational and professional applications.

With an array of types available, and pigments for waxes that are manufactured without colour; you can achieve unique results with your wax modelling endeavours. Whether you’re looking to create quick wax maquettes, model or cast wax for use in the lost wax process, or produce your own candles by melting our wax pellets into a mould; our product base can help you achieve your wax modelling goals.

Wax sculpting is made easier with the help of Alec Tiranti, we have been manufacturing and supplying tools for sculptors since 1895 and are passionate about uniting sculptors with their ideal modelling waxes – from paraffin wax to beeswax wax – we understand what is required to make the best waxes on the market.

We also sell a number of accessories that can assist you when working with modelling waxes, such as amber rosin, which can alter the state of waxes when melted to harden it (but bear in mind, this is not the case with Type B waxes). Consult our product range for other tools that will enhance your work with modelling waxes.

Contact us today to discuss the correct model wax from the leading paraffin wax suppliers UK, where our team of professionals will be on hand to offer advice and guidance. Is there an item that you’d like to purchase but can’t currently see it on the Alec Tiranti website? Drop us an email or pick up the phone; we’d be more than happy to try to unite you with your desired product, or offer an alternative where applicable.