Modelling Tools

When working with clay, plaster, or wax, equipping yourself with the right set of tools can transform your art and experience of modelling. Here at Alec Tiranti, we believe that whether you are a beginner learning the techniques or a professional perfecting your craft, you deserve the finest modelling tools on the market, and we are pleased to provide them for you.

With decades of experience in the sculpting and artistic trade, Alec Tiranti has expertise on the best modelling tools in the UK for your specialising material. We offer an extensive collection of modelling tools for a variety of sculpting and artistic work.

Our selection of clay modelling tools includes plastic, professional and student hardwood, and stainless-steel modelling tools. If you are looking for wax modelling tools, we offer various stainless steel modelling tools that are available individually or as a set. We also provide alcohol burners, essential for turning even the hardest of wax soft and malleable.

Additionally, Alec Tiranti offers a selection of stainless-steel dental modelling tools for precise work and detail. The tools are approximately 14.5cm in length and feature a textured grip. Our dental tools are available individually or you can create a set with the purchase of an expanding Tiranti Tool Box. We also offer wire modelling tools for shaping wax, clay, and other sculpting material.

For more information about our modelling tools and other products, you can view our blog, FAQs and videos on our website. You can get in touch by telephone, fax, email, and web form and we will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have for us.