Modelling Tools

Alec Tiranti is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of products for sculptors, with over one hundred years of service, having been established as early as 1895. Our products are fitting for a range of purposes, whether you need materials, tools, or equipment for your craft. The range is not only of use to sculptures, but also to those who make models and moulds, different kinds of designers and conservators, as well as other industries involving carving wood or stone, those who do plastering and building work, and other crafts such as pottery and ceramics.

Our modelling tools are primarily for use with clay and are available in a range of shapes, styles and materials in order to not only work well with basic wet clay but also with oil-based clays and modelling waxes. For working wet clay the professional hardwood modelling tools in our range would be the ideal choice, they are shaped by hand tactile in use. The best product for working oil clays and waxes would be our stainless steel tools. They are able to create the finest, most precise marks, our stainless steel dental tools can also be used for picking and scraping for restoration projects.

As an alternative to the basic clay modelling tools or dental tools is our wax modelling range. These wax modelling tools are perfect for carving surfaces as they come, yet they have the advantaging of being able to heat in order to melt, shape and weld wax pieces together. We also stock plaster spatulas in both stainless steel and high carbon steel, made by hand for us in Italy. Although these are designed specifically for use with plaster, they can also be applied to other soft or carved materials.