If you are looking to create a safe, fast-setting mould, alginate is well worth your time. This versatile non-toxic material is suitable for taking quick and highly detailed moulds from almost any material imaginable. That’s why we are delighted to stock high quality, dust-free alginate here at Alec Tiranti for all your moulding needs.

Because it can be safely applied all over the body, alginate is especially useful for creating moulds of different body parts, making it ideal for sculptors, model makers or those working in the film and TV industry such as make-up artists and special effects departments.

We sell two forms of alginate: normal set and slow set. Normal set alginate sets in around 2-3 minutes when mixed with water at room temperature, enabling plaster or wax casts to be taken almost immediately. Slow set alginate, meanwhile, sets in around 6-8 minutes. This slower setting time makes slow set alginate the right choice when taking more time consuming moulds such as moulds of full heads, torso’s and limbs.

You can also find in this section of our site an easy to use alginate body moulding and casting kit, containing normal set alginate, plaster, plaster bandage, mixing utensils and full instructions. If you are looking for all you need to mould a hand, foot or face using alginate, you can find it in this kit.

We hope you find our alginate useful. If you have any questions about how to use our alginate then please get in touch with us here at Alec Tiranti.