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Vinamold is a vinyl based flexible, durable moulding compound, made from polymerised PVC resin. It is considered safe to handle provided sensible precautions are taken. We have found Vinamold to be the most durable hot melt compound. Vinamold is used by melting down and pouring over the original model, and has the ability to be remelted many times, making it a very economical moulding material. It is used for the casting of a wide variety of materials such as plasters, cements, waxes and resins. Moulds made from Vinamold need no preparation or release agents since they are self releasing, though with wood etc. we recommend that you seal it with G4 varnish to stop air bubbles within the mould.

Available in three grades. All grades may be mixed together to produce intermediate hardnesses.

Each grade melts at 150ºC – 160ºC and should be poured at 140ºC – 150ºC.

1 kg Vinamold = 1 litre

Technical bookelet available: Flexible Moulds with reusable Hot Melt Vinyl Gelflex and Vinamold (see booklet 990-502).