Latex is a fantastic material to use when prop making and creating moulds. By using pre-vulcanised liquid latex, you can create strong and durable moulds for a wide range of materials. Here at Alec Tiranti we are proud to offer our customers our impressive selection of latex moulding materials.

We provide pre-vulcanised liquid latex in three sizes: a small 1kg, a medium 5kg and an enormous industrial-sized 25kg. Pre-vulcanised liquid latex dries at room temperature and is excellent at creating strip-off moulds for casting materials such as plasters, cements and waxes, as well as certain polyester resins. This can be done either by dipping the material into the latex, or by painting layers of latex onto the material.

If you are looking to paint faster, you can use our latex thickener to make your pre-vulcanised liquid latex into a gel, allowing you to build up layers of latex onto your mould faster. When using this you should take care to brush your material carefully in order to avoid air becoming trapped between the gel and the mould. Whether you are looking to create a special effects mask or another mould, our latex thickener will help.

We hope you enjoy our latex moulding materials right here at Alec Tiranti. If you would like to know more about our pre-vulcanised liquid latex or any of the other products we stock on our site then please get in touch with us without delay. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.