Polyurethane Rubber

As part of our choice of rubbers we are proud to provide polyurethane rubber here at Alec Tiranti. This rubber is perfect for a variety of applications, particularly in casting of materials such as plasters, concrete, urethanes and polyesters. However you’re intending to use it, our polyurethane rubber will be able to meet the most challenging demands from electrical potting to even casting rubber components.

When used in combination with a release agent, our polyurethane rubber can be used to cast moulds in all of the above materials. With its white colour and 40A hardness on the Shore durometer, equivalent to the hardness of a pencil eraser, it is also an excellent choice for more specific casting applications such as the casting of industrial parts and special effects. We provide our polyurethane rubber in a 1.5kg pack, consisting of two parts.

Once your mould has been prepared, you can release your polyurethane rubber by using our Ambersil release agent. This silicone-based spray is also excellent for helping to release a range of casting materials from cured rubber moulds. As this release agent is flammable, any orders of this product must be sent by a road carrier.

Here at Alec Tiranti we are proud polyurethane rubber suppliers. If you have any questions about our rubber or would like to know more information about our shipping charges then please get in touch with us today or make a visit to our delivery charges page. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.