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Putty silicone is a two component room temperature condensation curing compound. The product is a pasty mass that, once cured, has an elastomeric consistence with good mechanical properties and good dimensional steadiness. Putty silicone is suitable for vertical mould making of large dimensional objects or for taking impressions of irremovable objects. In particular, the product has been used in civic and artistic monumental restoration, in artistic foundries and for production of large items in gypsum, concrete and resins.

Use between 5% & 10% catalyst. 5% catalyst will give a pot life of about 15 minutes and cure time of 60 to 70 minutes. More catalyst will give shorter pot life and cure times.

Shore A hardness: 23 +/2 Tensile strength: 24 +/3 kg/cm² Tear resistance: 16 +/3 kg/cm Elongation at break: 390 +/50%